First meeting of the new TDSB Trustees

Fix Our Schools called upon the Province to step in and help the TDSB and, surprisingly, they did – for a month anyways.

We also asked Premier Wynne to attend the first meeting of the new board. Not surprisingly, Premier Wynne was a no-show. However, as far as 3-hour meetings go, the December 1st TDSB meeting was well-run, respectful and the new Trustees handily got through the business of electing a Chair, Vice-Chair and striking the many committees that were on the agenda.

Meanwhile, Margaret Wilson has started her external audit of the TDSB. Fix Our Schools has sent letters to the Province, the TDSB, and Margaret Wilson, urging all to stay focused on the safety, success and well being of TDSB students throughout this audit.

Our letters to the the Province and Ms. Wilson also request emergency funding to the TDSB to replace all roofs that have leaked in the last 18 months as well as all other repairs documented as urgent. We see this as an immediate step that the Province needs to take to address the appalling state of TDSB schools and one that cannot happen soon enough! If you would like to email the Province as well, simply click here , fill in your information at the bottom and cc: your MPP.