Are Trustees needed?

  • The position of TDSB Trustee is a part-time role
  • TDSB Trustees earn approximately $26,000/year
  • These individuals are charged with governing a $3 Billion operation known as the TDSB
  • The Province holds power over the money and most of the major school board decisions.

Given the facts above, nobody should be surprised thatĀ things aren’t going so well at the largest school board in Canada and that the question of whether we need Trustees has been in the media of late.

The Star: Dump our Trustees and dissolve our school boards

Globe & Mail: Abolish the school boards

Ottawa Citizen: How to fix the school system

We look forward to hearing what Margaret Wilson recommends upon completing her external audit of the TDSB and whether a new form of governance might be in the cards.