Lots of work done over the summer at Ontario public schools!

According to TDSB Ward 11 Trustee Shelley Laskin’s recent e-newsletter, lots of work has happened this past summer to improve the state of TDSB schools, including 118 roofing projects across TDSB schools since March. If you have examples of work that was done at schools near you – no matter where you live in Ontario – please share with us.

Below is a detailed list of the many facilities projects that were completed in TDSB Ward 11 schools over the summer, which is just a small glimpse into all the facilities projects that were completed across all 72 Ontario public school boards:

  • JR Wilcox received solar panels on its roof.
  • Renovations to increase the number of available classrooms were undertaken at Brown, Deer Park and McMurrich.
  • The field was re-sodded at Davisville and the turf was repaired at Maurice Cody.
  • Brick work was done at Deer Park
  • Stairs were repaired at McMurrich as well as at Northern.
  • Northern also had issues with its hot water tanks and they are being replaced.
  • FHCI had its pool repaired and significant repairs to the pool at Deer Park should be completed by the end of October.
  • Caretaking staff worked diligently over the summer cleaning and polishing and mowing.

A good reminder that a lot of work does get done over the summer at our children’s schools! Still a lot to do to deal with $15-billion of needed repairs in Ontario’s public schools but encouraging to hear specific projects nonetheless.