Barbara Hall’s TDSB Report – where is it?

Both Toronto dailies have printed concerns about when the Barbara Hall report on the TDSB is going to be released. The Toronto Sun printed “Ontario Liberals Sitting on TDSB Report” on Sept. 6 and the Toronto Star printed “Release Report on School Board Now” on Sept. 11.

Back in mid-July, Fix Our Schools followed up with this letter to the TDSB Governance Panel. We know that Barbara Hall and her colleagues have submitted the report to Premier Wynne and Minister Sandals. However, we do not yet know what is in that report because the province appears to be sitting on the report. Speculation abounds as to why this is the case. Could it be the ongoing labour negotiations that are preventing the release of this report? Could it be the federal election? Could it be the Province doesn’t like what is in the report? Anybody’s guess really.

We continue to hope that any recommendations made by the TDSB Governance Panel will:

• get to the heart of the issues at the TDSB

• respect the fact that this new board of Trustees has had scant time to actually govern

• keep the best interests of TDSB students and families in mind