Does sending another letter really have an impact?

Wondering if you should bother taking the time to participate in the latest Fix Our Schools letter-writing campaign? The answer is emphatically YES!

Have you heard the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”?

Well, the squeaking generated by the Fix Our Schools campaign due to your involvement and activism is getting louder with each week that passes…and that squeaking IS having an impact! Politicians and political staff now know about Fix Our Schools and have started to accept and request meetings with us. They know from the letters you send that we represent a large and growing number of voters.

Since launching in October 2014, we have built a network of over 1400 people in Ontario who all want safe, well-maintained public schools that are funded as important public infrastructure – and this network is growing every day. The real power of a campaign like Fix Our Schools comes when this large network of people all take action (like send a letter!) to ask for the same thing.

So what are you waiting for? Send a letter today to the provincial government and your local MPP. Ask them to increase capital funding to school boards for repairing and rebuilding public schools. We believe this is a reasonable request, given that new infrastructure money is going to start flowing to the Province from our new federal government.  Some of this new money must go towards school infrastructure. This will only happen if we all work together to ensure that we create a very squeaky wheel!