Tons of media coverage on the issue of disrepair in Ontario’s schools

Disrepair in Ontario’s schools is finally making the news!

See below for some of the media coverage this issue has been getting since the TDSB released disrepair data on its schools on August 22, 2016 and the Ministry of Education followed suit by releasing disrepair data for all Ontario schools on August 25, 2016.

Fix Our Schools is pleased to have been contacted as a parent-led, non-partisan voice on this important issue!

CTV Toronto News:  CTV was the first to cover this issue months ago and continues covering it here.

The Globe & Mail:  Read about how 1/3 Toronto schools are in critical condition here.

CBC Metro Morning Toronto:  Listen to interview with Fix Our Schools co-founder Krista Wylie here. Listen to interview with Minister of Education Mitzie Hunter here.

Toronto Star: Read about disrepair in TDSB schools here. Read about the $15-billion repair backlog across all Ontario school boards here.

Global News Toronto: Global News covers school disrepair here.

Newstalk1010 Radio:  TDSB disrepair covered here.

Metro News:  Read about the TDSB’s release of school disrepair data here.

Inside Toronto:  Read about $3.4-billion of disrepair in TDSB schools here.

CBC Morning Show Ottawa:  Listen to interview with Fix Our Schools co-founder Krista Wylie here.

CBC Ontario Morning Show:  Listen to interview with Fix Our Schools co-founder Krista Wylie here. The interview can be found at the 19:53 mark of this podcast.

CBC Toronto News:  Read about school disrepair as a unifying education issue here, with commentary by Bill Mboutsiadis, Fix Our Schools co-founder.

CBC Toronto News: Read about parent reactions to school repairs underway in Toronto here, with commentary by Erin Meana, Fix Our Schools co-founder.