We’ve made a difference together in 2016!

As 2016 draws to a close, the Fix Our Schools campaign is happy to reflect on the many positive things we’ve accomplished together this past year:

In June, the provincial government increased annual funding for school repairs by $1.1-billion over two years to $1.3-billion in 2015/16 and $1.4-billion in 2016/17.

In August, the TDSB released detailed data on the condition of its schools, and the Ministry of Education followed suit almost immediately, providing a new level of transparency into Ontario school conditions.

In August and September, school conditions in Ontario received significant attention in the media, with Fix Our Schools frequently cited.

Thank you for your involvement in the Fix Our Schools campaign. As a collective, we have far more power than as individuals. Please continue to engage with Fix Our Schools. Together, we have made a difference and we will continue to do so.