Chapman’s Ice Cream in Markdale desperate to save local school

Chapman’s Ice Cream in Markdale, Ontario is desperate to save the local school from closure, as is outlined in the April 3, 2017 edition of CBC’s The Current.

So desperate, in fact, that in fall 2016, Chapmans offered a multi-million donation to save and replace the school. Fix Our Schools is happy to see businesses recognize the importance of strong, local schools. Our campaign also works to encourage the provincial government to explore new funding solutions to ensure that students in all Ontario communities have safe, well-maintained local schools to attend.

The question posed in the CBC piece above was this: “But is public education still public if it’s funded in part by private money?”

An interesting question. With $15-billion of disrepair in Ontario schools and hundreds of Ontario schools being assessed for potential closure, must all funding solutions be on the table?