In Toronto, it’s kids vs. condos

Fix Our Schools was quoted in the April 9, 2017 Toronto Star article written by Andrea Gordon, entitled, “In Toronto, it’s kids vs. condos“.  This article explores how new developments being built near schools are causing issues.  Parents are concerned about safety during construction and about the overcrowded classrooms exacerbated by new developments.

The article cites Krista Wylie, co-founder of Fix Our Schools, as saying, “while school boards bear the brunt of criticism for how these concerns are handled, they don’t have the power or resources to effectively deal with (these issues).”  Andrea Gordon goes on to highlight that, “the City of Toronto and the Province do have the budgets, staff and power when it comes to negotiating and approving – and ultimately the province controls board purse strings and the appeal process through the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).”

Local schools must be considered when approving new developments. Good local public schools make for highly desirable neighbourhoods in which Developers seek to build new condos – and ultimately profit. It seems only fair that developers should contribute to ensuring that the local public schools are safe, well-maintained buildings that offer environments conducive to learning.