Time to gear up for the 2018 provincial election! What matters to you?

The Ontario Liberal, PC and NDP parties are all gearing up for the June 2018 provincial election. In the coming months, you will see a lot of announcements and media coverage, with each party trying to convince us that they are best positioned to govern our province for the next four years. 

As citizens with the power to vote, we must also gear up for the provincial election planned for June 2018.  We need to give serious thought to the issues that really matter to us and ensure that those issues are on the agenda!

For us at Fix Our Schools, that answer is easy. We want to see a provincial government committed to publicly funded education. Specifically, we are seeking a provincial government that will commit to:

  1. Continued funding levels of at least $1.4-B per year for school boards to use for school repairs.
  2. Eliminating the $15-billion of identified disrepair in Ontario’s schools within their 4-year term.
  3. Implementing standards for what school conditions ought to be (including but not limited to: acceptable temperature ranges, acceptable air quality, acceptable water quality, acceptable natural light levels); a system for routinely checking that these standards are being met; and a funding model that allows school boards to actually meet those standards.