TDSB Repair Backlog hits $3.7 billion

Fix Our Schools is thrilled to see the ongoing transparency into the magnitude of disrepair in Ontario’s school buildings. Today, in this press release, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has released its annual school-by-school Facility Condition Index (FCI) rating of its 584 school buildings, as well as the repair backlog for each school. The format of this information allows parents and communities to easily understand the condition of local schools and the repairs that are outstanding.

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Like all school boards in Ontario, the TDSB has been grossly and chronically underfunded by the provincial government.

Even with increased provincial funding in recent years, there is simply not enough money for school boards to keep pace with the accumulated backlog and future repair needs. As evidence of this, the TDSB’s repair backlog increased from $3.5 billion in September 2016 to $3.7 billion in September 2017.

Without adequate and predictable funding for school repairs, disrepair in TDSB schools will continue growing to an estimated $5.25 billion by 2021.

To see data about the disrepair in your local school, please visit the Renewal Needs Backlog and Facilities Condition Index page on the TDSB website.

“Our backlog is $3.7 billion and continues to grow. Additional provincial funding and a new funding strategy with new sources of revenue is needed. Allowing the TDSB access to Education Development Charges to repair and replace schools would be a good start.” – Robin Pilkey, Chair, TDSB

 “Parents want to know the condition of their child’s schools, what we are doing to improve schools and the limitations we face with current funding levels. – John Malloy, Director, TDSB