Top Tips for Parent-Teacher Interviews

Autumn has flown by! It seems as if the kids just started school and now we are getting ready for parent-teacher interviews. We have some great tips to get the most of this important meeting:
Feedback written on chalkboard
Be prepared to talk about the topics that might come up.
Take time to consider and note your child’s:
• academics
• behaviour
• motivation
• work habits
• strengths and challenges
Be positive about your child’s relationship with the teacher, even if it is a rocky one. You are there to problem solve, not complain about the past. Ask positive questions about what your child is capable of and relay your high expectations for them.
Be focused about your child’s progress and growth, not their peers. It is best to compare your child’s progress with the grade-level expectations, Ontario’s can be found here. Reading their grade’s curriculum is worth the time; it can help you understand the direction their homework is taking and narrowly define any issues.
Listen and ask questions to get the most of your time and take notes.
Offer to help to work with the teacher to solve any issues they might have. Better still, offer to volunteer at the school. Even one day a month could transform the relationship your family has with the school.
Thank the teacher for their time, openness and concern.