TDSB Repair Backlog hits $3.7 billion

Fix Our Schools is thrilled to see the ongoing transparency into the magnitude of disrepair in Ontario’s school buildings. Today, in this press release, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has released its annual school-by-school Facility Condition Index (FCI) rating of its 584 school buildings, as well as the repair backlog for each school. The […]

TDSB Governance Report Issued (finally!)

Submitted on August 19,2015 to the Minister of Education, the TDSB Governance Advisory Panel’s report was finally released on December 4, 2015. The report offers many reasonable recommendations to improve role clarity, accountability and leadership on both the Trustee and Staff side of the TDSB, which the panel believes are root causes of TDSB governance issues. […]

How did Ontario’s schools get to be in such bad shape?

The scores of parents, grandparents, teachers and school staff who contact Fix Our Schools with questions are really all asking the same two questions: How did the schools get to be in such bad shape? When are we going to Fix Our Schools? Economist Hugh_MacKenzie’s latest report, “Ontario’s deteriorating schools: The fix is not in”  […]

Have we even stopped the bleeding on the $15-Billion repair backlog in Ontario’s schools?

In August 2016, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) led the way in transparency, when it released detailed information on disrepair in its schools, including both Facility Condition Index (FCI)  and the Renewal Needs Backlog.  Feeling pressure to follow suit, the Ministry of Education released information on disrepair for all Ontario schools, confirming that over $15-Billion of disrepair […]

How to find the repair backlog for your local school

In Ontario, our children attend poorly maintained schools. Unfortunately, children do not remember a time when this was not the case. They expect their schools to be broken. As parents, grandparents, teachers, and caretakers, we know the schools are in poor condition because the Ontario Education Funding formula is broken. Since our children don’t expect […]

We’ve made a difference together in 2016!

As 2016 draws to a close, the Fix Our Schools campaign is happy to reflect on the many positive things we’ve accomplished together this past year: In June, the provincial government increased annual funding for school repairs by $1.1-billion over two years to $1.3-billion in 2015/16 and $1.4-billion in 2016/17. In August, the TDSB released detailed […]

About Us

In a nutshell… we are parents, students, grandparents, teachers, principals, caretakers and voters who believe that every publicly funded school in Ontario ought to be a safe, healthy, well-maintained building that provides an environment conducive to learning and working. We believe schools must be funded as a key component of our society’s infrastructure. Since launching in […]