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TDSB proposal for sharing ownership of school sites with the City

In a recent presentation by TDSB finance staff, a proposal was made to “shift the paradigm and share the load”  in the following concept:

“Under a formal partnership agreement, responsibility for TDSB school sites would be shared with the City of Toronto. Both parties would benefit as a valuable community asset is shared.

In exchange for shared ownership of school sites, the TDSB would receive infrastructure funding from the City.”

The City has access to the tax base that the TDSB does not, as well as an ability to forge creative partnerships that the TDSB may not be able to do on its own. Out-of-the-box solutions are required to fix a $3-billion problem and it is great to see the TDSB thinking creatively to find solutions.

Next Step: Create a forum for discussion with the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario … indeed!