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What has Fix Our Schools done so far?

As a starting point to this blog, we want to bring you up to speed on what Fix Our Schools has been doing. So far, a lot of our campaign has been informed by our experience with local schools here in Ward 7 (near High Park).  We hope that this will change as we connect with other TDSB parents from across the city!

1) We’ve been writing letters to both the TDSB and the Ministry of Education.   Here are the latest letters sent to each:

Letter_to the Ministry of Education

Letter to the TDSB

2) We’ve contacted media, that has resulted in the following media exposure:

TDSB wants development funding for overcapacity schools and $3.5 Billion in outstanding repairs

Fix Our Schools calls upon mayoral candidates to work with TDSB

Fix Our Schools echo TDSB Trustees’ plea to Province to reconsider how development money is accessed and used by school boards

3) We’ve worked hard to get education issues on the agenda during the municipal election by hosting a local Ward 7 Trustee debate; answering media questions about the Trustee races across the city; and sending the following letters to Mayoral candidates and City Councillor candidates:

Letter to Mayoral Candidates

Letter to City Councillor Candidates