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Adequate and consistent funding imperative for school infrastructure

The Province is the government body responsible for providing all education funding in Ontario. Therefore, it is obvious that for School Boards to ensure safe, well-maintained school buildings, they would require adequate and stable funding, which could be relied upon and planned for, from year to year.

Indeed, back in 2002, when the Rozanski Report was released examining the effectiveness of Ontario’s education funding formula, he outlined “Adequacy” and “Stability” as two key guiding principles for any funding formula to work.

However, School Boards have not received funding that could be described as either adequate or stable over the past two decades. In a December 2015 report, Ontario’s Auditor-General confirmed underfunding by the Province to School Boards for school repairs between the years 2011-2016 was $5.8-billion. Furthermore, school boards are left wondering what funding will be allocated from year to year, with no long-term commitment from the Province. 

Stability and adequacy. So simple … yet so elusive under the Ontario’s current education funding formula.


Passion for local schools gets MPP Walker booted from question period

In the April 3 edition of the Owen Sound Sun Times, the article entitled, “MPP Walker booted during Question Period”  explored a heated exchange between Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker and Education Minister Mitzie Hunter, where Walker passionately pleads for the current education funding formula to be fixed.

In a news release following his ejection from the Legislature, Walker stated that, “her government promised to fix the funding formula, yet here we are, facing the possibility of as many as 600 school closures and asking for a moratorium because they broke their promise to the people of Ontario.”

During question period, MPP Walker said that the Education Minister “needs to stop misleading the communities, businesses and families who’ve stepped up to do the work. And if she still rejects a moratorium and refuses to fix the funding formula, then she needs to take responsibility for every school that shutters as a result of her incompetence and inaction, and the communities she will decimate and the lives she will ruin as a result of her narrow ideology.”