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Parents demanding school repairs at Queen’s Park: CBC Coverage

On February 22, Fix Our Schools was at Q2016_CBC_toronto-school-repairsueen’s Park demanding that Kathleen Wynne’s government provide the funding needed to fix Ontario’s crumbling schools, as covered by CBC.

We were joined by teachers, students, childcare advocates, trustees and school board staff to highlight that disrepair in Ontario’s schools is an important issue impacting real people every day. Students, preschoolers, teachers, principals, and community members all deserve safe, well-maintained schools!


The TDSB could use some help from Queen’s Park too

The Ministry has responded quickly to help Toronto’s Catholic School Board address a recently discovered $9 Million deficit.

Province sends in consultant to help Catholic_Boards address a $9m deficit

Yet this same Ministry seems content to sit idly by while the TDSB struggles to address a $3.5 Billion backlog of repairs and maintenance.  The TDSB could use some help too please.  Our children deserve to attend school in well-maintained buildings and if the TDSB cannot address it on their own – then send in the cavalry!

Could public schools get same treatment as transit?

Great news today about transit in Toronto – the Ontario government may get more involved in the TTC and may actually pay for some of its operating expenses.

Ontario considers picking up part of tab for operating TTC

Equally great news is that our mayor-elect is already developing a positive working relationship with Queen’s Park.  Hallelujah!  A good working relationship between the City and Province is critical if we want to see public education get the same treatment as transit – namely more involvement and attention from both the City and the Province!