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Ask Federal Government to refund 100% of GST collected back to Canadian School Authorities

School authorities (ie school boards) are funded through taxpayer dollars. Currently, our federal government collects GST on all goods and services purchased by school authorities, and then refunds only 68% of the amount collected. The remaining 32% is a tax on a tax.

In recognizing this situation, a petition has been launched to amend the Excise Tax Act (School Authorities) and call upon the House of Commons to support Bill C-241, which seeks to have the full 100% of GST collected by Canada Revenue Agency refunded to school authorities.

To sign this petition, click here. If you have issues signing this petition online – please contact your local MP, since this is a federal petition.

While this issue is slightly beyond the scope of the Fix Our Schools campaign, which is focused on addressing the $15-billion of outstanding repairs in Ontario’s publicly funded schools, we believe that every dollar going back to school boards to benefit students is a good thing!  And so, in this spirit, encourage you to sign this petition.