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Colleges looking to federal Liberals for increased funding

Our new federal government’s commitment to increased infrastructure investment in the coming years has piqued interest in many sectors.

We’re certainly calling on the Ontario provincial government to increase capital funding to public school boards, based on the promise of new federal infrastructure money. It seems that colleges across the country are making a direct call upon the new federal government for increased funding.

The November 11, 2015 article entitled, “Colleges to Liberals: we don’t have enough buildings for students”, features the college sector’s requests of the federal government. Aging infrastructure and buildings bursting at the seams are but a few issues mentioned, which require money to address.

Colleges, like public schools, are traditionally under provincial jurisdiction. However, colleges, like public schools, need funding beyond what the provinces are allocating in order to meet the needs of students.  Hopeful the new federal government will provide assistance!