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The complex reality of some “empty” TDSB schools

Here’s the complex reality of some TDSB schools cited as “empty” by the Province:

  • Lucy McCormick, at 39%, is one of the few accessible schools in the west end, serving children with developmental disabilities
  • Parkdale P.S., at 56%, was nearly full two years ago, utilization rates fluctuating wildly due to Federal immigration policies.
  • Burnhamthorpe Collegiate, at 35%, educates 1,000 adult learners every day, yet this important use as a community hub does not “count” in the 35%
  • King George P.S., at 89%, operated at 59% in 2009 but Provincial policies impacted attendance and this school is now projected to be at 134% by 2019

Kathleen Wynne’s government must stop citing simple numbers that do not reflect the complex reality they represent. Instead, please start working with the TDSB to address the massive challenges facing Canada’s largest school board.