Advocacy 101

People want to help Fix Our Schools but often aren’t sure how – or are short on time. So we’ve created this info page for you to select things you are able to do with the time you have to make a real difference!

  1. We are most effective when our voices are heard together. Social media is a great tool to broaden the reach of our messages so please:
  2. Share the Fix Our Schools campaign with your School Council. Use this 2-page handout to introduce parents at your school to the Fix Our Schools campaign and encourage their active involvement!
  3. Share your personal story WITH US of school conditions affecting your family and community or send us photos of disrepair in your local school.
  4. Contact your local MPP. Our MPPs work for us. The Provincial Government fully controls the amount your school gets for repairs & maintenance. Let them know you want Ontario schools to be safe, healthy, well-maintained buildings and describe specific issues at your local school. Ask them how they plan to Fix Our Schools.
    • Don’t know who your MPP is or how to get in touch? Click here! 
  5. Contact the Minister of Education and the Premier. These elected officials work for ALL Ontarians so we must let them know we are unhappy with $15.9 billion of disrepair in Ontario schools. So in addition to contacting your local MPP, please also include Education Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris and  Premier Wynne on any correspondence with your local MPP.
  6. Let your school Principal and local Trustee know you’d like to work with them to address the state of your local schools. The provincial government provides all funding for school repairs and maintenance, and for two decades, provincial funding has been a mere fraction of what it ought to have been so your Principal and Trustee are likely as frustrated as you are and would welcome your support. We encourage you to connect with them to offer to work with them in a collaborative, solution-oriented manner to ensure your local school(s) is/are healthy, safe and well-maintained buildings.