How to find your local federal candidate’s email address

Interested in contacting your local federal candidates by email? Use the links below to navigate to each party’s candidate for your riding.

Click here to find Green Party candidate’s email address – enter your postal code and your local candidate will pop up with email address.

Click here to find your Liberal Party candidate’s email address  – select your province, then locate your candidate listed alphabetically (if you don’t know your Liberal candidates’ name, use the Elections Canada website below!), click on your candidate, and then click on their listed website, which should lead you to their email address.

Click here to find your NDP Party candidate’s email address – enter your postal code to find your candidate and then use the email format as their email address. You will generally not find email addresses on candidates websites but instead will see a “contact us form”.

Click here to find your PC Party candidate’s email address  – enter your postal code, then clicking on the magnifying glass icon; then click on the “Learn More” to drill down to find candidate’s email address.

Click here for the Elections Canada website to see all candidates in your riding but no email addresses here!