Tips on meeting with your local MPP

Meeting with your local MPP about an issue is the single most powerful thing that you, as a voter, can do to let the provincial government know that an issue is a priority for you. If enough people raise the same issue with their local MPPs, this issue inevitably gets attention by the government!  With this in mind, here are some tips to make this process easy for you.

How to Book a Meeting with your MPP:

• Call the constituency office of your local MPP and ask to schedule a meeting. Let them know the reason why you want to speak to your MPP.

• Take someone with you. They can take notes while you speak.

• Decide beforehand which of your points are the most crucial and organize your notes so that they are discussed early in the meeting.

• Near the end of your meeting time, ask your MPP to support stable and adequate funding for education in Ontario.

• If you have brought a local petition, let your MPP know the number of signatures you have collected on the petition.

• Ask to take a photo shaking hands with your MPP for facebook/twitter. Post it with a thank you to your MPP.

• Be polite and solution-oriented.

• Don’t be nervous. Remember, our MPPs works for us.