About Us

In a nutshell… we are parents, students, grandparents, teachers, principals, caretakers and voters who believe that every publicly funded school building in Ontario ought to be safe, well-maintained, and funded as a key component of our society’s infrastructure.

Since launching in October 2014, we have built a network of over 2100 people that is growing each day and includes citizens from many of the 72 school boards in the province. We believe that there is strength in numbers and power in our grassroots, non-partisan activism. Politicians of all political stripes and from all levels of government are following the Fix Our Schools campaign with interest. We aim to continue to build our network and, in doing so, capture the interest of more politicians and lobby those in power to work together to ensure that all Ontario students attend school in buildings that are safe and well-maintained. Please join us! if you share our vision and want to join this large and growing network of concerned citizens.

Here is a brief history of the campaign…

April 2014: Frustrated with $3.3-billion of outstanding repairs and maintenance at TDSB schools, a group of parents whose children attend TDSB schools in Ward 7 organized the first meeting of what would become the “Fix Our Schools” working group.

October 2014: Launched the Fix Our Schools campaign as: “parents advocating for safe, well-maintained TDSB schools”.  Focus was on lobbying the TDSB, the Provincial Government and the City of Toronto to work together to address the $3.3-billion of outstanding repairs in TDSB schools.

April 2015: Realized that every single one of Ontario’s 72 public schools boards has a repair backlog, for a total of $15-billion of disrepair in publicly funded schools across the province.

September 2015: We decided to leverage the federal election to seek federal infrastructure money to fund the repair and rebuilding of Canada’s publicly funded schools as a critical element of our country’s infrastructure; and to expand our campaign beyond Toronto to reach out to people across Ontario, recognizing that the same funding issues that have led to the TDSB’s $3.5-billion repair backlog (it keeps growing!) have also contributed to the $11.5-billion repair backlog that plagues the other 71 Ontario school boards.

September 2016:

Our working group now consists of roughly 30 people, who meet regularly and contribute subject matter expertise and a variety of skills to move the campaign forward.

Thanks for getting involved to make a positive change in our children’s schools! Please contact me for more information.

Krista Wylie, Fix Our Schools Campaign Co-Founder