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Fix Our Schools presentation

Northern 3Consider showing this presentation at your next school council meeting!

It shows in vivid detail how a school LOOKS when a significant repair backlog exists. These photos of Ontario schools in disrepair illustrate in a vivid way how a child’s learning experience is negatively impacted by the $15-billion of disrepair in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

Ontario’s Auditor-General confirmed that our provincial government has underfunded school repairs in this province by $5.8-billion over the past five years. The recently announced provincial budget for the upcoming year continues this tradition of underfunding.

These pictures say it all. Premier Wynne and her government must start funding our children’s schools as important infrastructure to Fix Our Schools!


Fix Our Schools – 13 months in and going strong!

The Fix Our Schools campaign is a grassroots, non-partisan, parent-led campaign asking for safe, well-maintained Ontario public schools that are funded as an integral part of our public infrastructure – on par with transit.

We believe the 2-million children who attend Ontario public schools deserve safe, well-maintained schools, as do the adults who work every day in these buildings. We believe both students and teachers deserve environments that are conducive to learning and teaching.

We also believe that our provincial government must take responsibility for the unacceptable level of disrepair that has accumulated in Ontario’s schools and take the lead in finding funding solutions to address the $15-billion capital repair backlog in Ontario’s schools. For 2015/16, the provincial government has allocated an amount that is less than 5% of what is needed to address this $15-billion of disrepair. While this is significantly more than in previous years, it is still insufficient and disrepair will continue to worsen in Ontario’s schools.

The Fix Our Schools campaign is building a large, connected network of people in Ontario who share these beliefs and want to work together to effect change. The campaign launched in October 2014 and, in the 13 months since then, we’ve built a network of close to 1,500 people that is growing daily. This network gives us far more collective power than we’d have as individuals so we are working hard to continue to grow our base of support to include people from all areas of the province.

If you value public schools as important infrastructure and believe that these buildings must be repaired and rebuilt – then please ensure you:

Promoting Fix Our Schools made easy

If you believe that a large group of connected people all asking for safe, well-maintained schools can be a powerful mechanism for change, then please help Fix Our Schools grow to 1,000 subscribers by June 25!

Here is a note that you could simply copy and paste into an email to send off to your networks and your school council:


If you are frustrated by the disrepair in our children’s schools, you may be interested in the parent-led grassroots campaign called Fix Our Schools (www.fixourschools.ca) that is focused on addressing the $3.3-Billion repair backlog in TDSB schools. I hope you will check out their website and consider joining the Fix Our Schools mailing list to stay informed and find out how you can help. Visit: www.fixourschools.ca/joinus/ to subscribe and you can also find Fix Our Schools on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fixtdsbschools?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Since launching on Oct. 29, 2014, Fix Our Schools has built a subscriber list of over 500 people across Toronto and aims to grow this to 1000 by June in an effort to create a large, connected group of people all asking for the same thing:

  • safe, well-maintained schools (who can argue with that?)
  • public schools funded as an integral part of our public infrastructure – on par with roads, transit and healthcare

Here is a one-page document that outlines more about the Fix Our Schools campaign and here is a sample e-newsletter from Fix Our Schools: http://us9.campaign-archive1.com/?u=33ed0a98313433d8705b1afd3&id=1ccc43618a&e=22a5b0472a so you have a sense of what you’ll be receiving when you sign up at:  www.fixourschools.ca/joinus/ . Please share this email with other people in your networks!

Thanks for you help,